Nutrition by A4 Health

Feeling your best + optimizing your performance doesn't just happen magically. Like peanut butter and jelly or peas and carrots, fitness and nutrition combined lead to desired health outcomes.

As your "Feel Good Experts", A4 Health's credentialed nutrition and wellness experts integrate the power of both health science and human behavior to maximize results. There are no shortcuts, but our nutrition coaching approach will make healthy easy, fun, and sticky.

Our formula for success?
Never cookie cutter. Never boring.

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Christina Jax - Founder

Services for CF Chan/Bring It!

We know changing health behaviors is far from easy! Why? Because we are human too.  We also know that feeling and performing your best is WORTH IT and requires trained coaches to support your journey! Our proven coaching and nutrition programs are data driven and strategic.  We bring in the best tools and experts for what you need. A4 Health + You = Feeling Better Together

1:1 Coaching (Virtual)

A4 Health knows that you are an original. We love creating personalized plans that put your puzzle pieces together to activate + achieve your health and performance goals.

As your "feel good experts" we understand getting to your destination often demands nutrition coaching with comprehensive plans and accountability. This specialized service offers different coaching levels and focus based on where you are at and what you need to achieve.  Some goals require more or less time. Let's connect to discuss what's the right plan for you.

Focus areas: Athletic/Performance Nutrition, Digestive Health/Food Sensitivities/Allergies, Immune/Inflammation, Weight Management/Body Composition

Small Group Coaching (Virtual + In-Person)

Rowing together we go faster, further, and have more fun!

A4 Health is a powerful community that harnesses that energy to activate change. Our small group 10-day fast focus programs provide the framework and resources in specific areas (sports + training performance, digestive health, inflammation reduction, weight/body composition change, and immunity health) that you get the results you need.

Each group provides the magic of community and support that drives success. We look forward to supporting Peak10 and other fitness challenges.  Look for future group announcements.